Lavender Scented Lotion Bar

Eco Lou


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Lets talk moisturisation with natural products, lets talk natural scent, natural oils to moisture your skin, we do this wrapped up in eco wrap.

Simplicity is the key to life, our lotion bar is no exception.  We use 3 Ingredients, the purity of these ingredients means your skin gets a new lease of life.

Have you ever wondered how they work?  I use firm butter that melts very easily I get  local golden beeswax and I mix with organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter sometimes I use mango butter and coconut but that is a different lotion bar.  Sometimes at markets I offer cosmetic wax which is white.
They are shaped and cooled and wrapped in the eco wrap and ready for you to lavish your skin. We are looking at putting essential oils with some for scent and smell benefits.

Ingredients : Organic Shea butter, golden bees wax locally sourced, organic coconut oil, lavender essential oil.
For use: To use a Lotion bar, warm up under your arms or in your hands then rub where you wish to use it.

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