100% pure coconut candles

How do you know how pure your Coconut Wax is?

Coconut Wax soon became my sought after wax I am passionate about our environment I do whatever I can to make a difference.  I make changes only because I find more ethical and better quality products.  My journey with being a Candle Chandler has been a long one, When I was a girl I collected candles.

I was wanting to make someone I know well a present, this person is particular they prefer quality they love pure and organic if they can.  I had time to look around, this candle had to be perfect. This candle had to look beautiful and special and not pollute, not have any parabens, no synthetics, I had learned these were all negatives.  I also learned how coconut wax was produced and also soy wax and parrafin and beeswax, I wanted to know who did it right why they did it right and who to buy from that thought or wanted or had the same results.  

In my research I found so much rubbish products, it did not come down to each country it started at how it was produced, where it is produced and extracted, who was impacted well or impacted negatively.  I did not want to have any child labour connected to my products, no mines, or not paid well and fairly nor did I want something derived from fuel or fuel properties.  If I was to do this for me it had to be the most perfect available.  I knew how much attention to detail had to be involved.  Once I weeded it out, and also I found out what scent this person liked much of this is history.  I feel if you know effort was put in in the beginning this was a cutesy project but with integrity then the light the beginning had has continue to shine on through.

I learned coconut wax was the only wax that safely used essential oils, I also found out that their is so many synthetic oils my reason for not wanting synthetics is they would give headaches out often more than normal scents, as I dug deeper who I was making a candle become one for my mum then I found out she had some strong reactions so it come down to choosing a wax that would work with pure products.  So I found suppliers that filled all these requirements, and well their were two that stood out.

My suppliers stood out as they held the integrity of the product also some dealt with natural scents, finding essential oils that were nice was also adding to my list of issues.

So in the end the candle had many outcomes:

1. It was pure

2. It was odourless

3. It was produced Ethically (meaning no one was taken advantage of it was a fair transaction)  

4. It was clean and pure white, Looking beautiful.

5.No toxic fumes (no headaches from the wax)

6. No parabens (The concern with these chemicals is that scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer.)

7. I could add Essential Oils

8. I could add Natural Fragrances

9. I could match my candles with Eco Wicks 

10. I can show you my customer how to find a pure candle.

11. Burns slower and longer than parrafin, soy or soy and coconut mixed.

12.Scent throw must be maximised.  This was a true winner with scent.

13. I could mix it with Beeswax to make a firmer candle.

So many wins.  So my next part for a present was the most ethical container. Oh dear this is still ongoing.  I may have found one recently that is fully recyclable or reusable.  However when learning my best way was to read everything and go around op shops and find cute containers one off items, I enjoyed finding different types of containers and any presents I made are always made with cute dishes I find at op shops.  I loved the idea of reusing.  I made sure the container was so cute the person it was gifted to could use it for something else.  I really enjoyed this.  Catch up to today, I buy vessels that are protected with heat transfer, made of glass, certified safe with candles.  I also found out protocols around the candles.  Even labels were needed unless it was a one off gift just for fun.  AS now days I sell them I had to follow label rules and some I made for myself.  I wanted the wax to last a long time, so tinted Jars I learned are one way to do this.  

I learned so much in this time and I still get so much satisifaction with a perfect top. If you had thought of trying to make them I would recommend coconut wax, 

So nowdays the candles burn beautifully with all of my effort for a beautiful finish.  I make no cuts to quality, it is one quality scented candle made with pure coconut wax.  The vessels have changed but my ethos around candles has not.

The special person I started making candles for has never burned the candle, it was used for scenting of a room.

Our coconut candle wax is made from the meat of the coconut (organic, renewable, no pesticides).

Only the best possible product is good enough.

Tid Bit

All candles are made in New Zealand, North island.  Made in small batches so environmental imprint is the lowest possible.

Hygienic Area for preparation with all I do is an essential part to my success.  As I do not have a shop that is why my candles are quite a bit more affordable.  

Thank you for being on of my readers and following my journey.


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