I will never go back to store brought soap... here is why!

We all need to use some

Problem is we all need a wash after a long day of sweating, however we wash it comes back to some sort of soap.  As I was writing this the sun was out it looks like another warm one. What is happening is a lot of soap manufacturers get sneaky and start writing numbers sometimes you find it good sometimes not so good.  They make liquids and bars.

Some love body washes some love soap.  Either is fine so long as it is produced hygienically and ethically.  A lot of cheaper products are cheap because they source cheap raw materials sometimes good ethic sometimes not,  If I find a supplier that chooses carefully or has organic I know some of the processes to do such a thing so this gains my trust so does getting food grade items, if you can have it internally they must measure up.

We are now going to go through my reasoning behind my decisions, these are my own decisions, these are not corporate and certainly I find some look at things the same way some just do not.  I will pay more for better only problem is you must make a profit not a deficit otherwise what is the point for me running a business.

I choose No Palm oil

I actually do not want to use Palm oil I made that choice.  Some soap makers will not make soap without it, I had no way to gaurantee the stuff I brought anywhere was sourced ethically, I want to know this if not for me but for my customers.  

If you are the same as me and wish to avoid palm oil watch out for names like sodium palmate, sodium palm kemelete this is a salt made from palm oil.  Neither are bad or detrimental again my problem is I cannot gaurantee it is ethical and I don't take someones word for it I want proof.

Tell me which country it is from and I maybe happier no one gives this info out so again I come back to the trust issue. 

What is in your soap?

We need to know what is in our soap.  We know it washes us some say it is fussy however if you react to something its easier for us as humans to change so we are no longer irritated. I can hear so many say I buy depending on my budget, I hear you!  I do get it.  I also know that store brought often use chemical hardeners and I use lye, oil and essential oil or natural fragrance. I know where I get it from and sometimes I add citric acid I cannot for the life of me find it organic so food grade it is.  I went through a soap someone I know uses and swears by to get rid of sweat smells.  This person feels fresh after it.  I find out it is based on some good ingredients (antioxidants and flax oil) but I cannot gaurantee it has ethical sourced palm products and it uses dye It promoted the really good stuff and found some fancy names for its palm products.  

Often it comes down to how it is processed and what is in it.  Some of it will make you happy some will have you questioning a lot!    

Natural soap does not strip the skin, for someone that has skin issues find a natural soap that uses no dye and no artifical fragrance as from my experience I react to fragrances, I found this out when I made my own body deodorant.  (I do not sell it just make it for me).  If you have found store brought made you itchy try a fragrance free type soap, I have only had one complaint on soaps, I do not make the sort they like in liquid.  

There is huge benefit to knowing what is in your natural products.  

Here are some good points you may not know about natural:

  • Always have to write everything inside a soap (new zealand law)
  • You will know what is smells like.  We either have samples or you can smell it just like it is.
  • We mostly like compostable products in our industry we have made huge changes in our industry with what we buy for packaging. 
  •  No plastic for most of us, some like me just use cardboard, paper and eco wraps.  How many store brought products still have plastic?  Too many!
  • Natural hydrates your skin.
  • My way of colouring is clay, clay is so beautiful for our skins.
  • Natural colouring does not have bright colours.
  • No detergents in natural soaps.
  • Natural liquid soaps are only 3 ingredients.


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