A humble Avacado

The mystery

Oh the mystery is it a fruit or is it a vegetable. Is it good for you or is it too high in fat? So Today I want to share information and research I have made to show you why I use it so often in products. (Especially for skin but I always love eating them).

Avacado grows on trees, their are a few varieties in New Zealand. We do not buy from overseas we grow them all here. The master knows when it is ripe and not rotten inside and then once you get past the nitty grittys of good picking we then delve into nutritional value.

Nutritionally they have alot of vitamins, also about half a avacado is one serving size. Nutrient dense 19 vitamins and nutrients which full you more and are the better sourced foods. The fat in avacado it a healthy fat, it is considered a  the majority of the fat is the healthy kind: 70% monounsaturated fat and 15% polyunsaturated fat. Half an avocado contains 15g of monounsaturated fat and 3 g of polyunsaturated fat.

They grow well in New Zealand we are lucky enough to have some great oil makers and great avacado producers.

Avacados have fibre in the New Zealand avacado page it writes

Good source of fibre

 Avocados are a good source of dietary fibre. There are two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre can help reduce cholesterol re-absorption in the intestine, while insoluble fibre such as that found in avocados keeps bowel movements regular. People, who consume high-fibre diets, are less likely to have constipation. Fibre may also play a part in weight management – eating fibre rich meals may have you feeling fuller quicker and reduce the amount you eat. https://www.nzavocado.co.nz/av...

Contain the B vitamins folate, B6 and niacin plus vitamin C for energy, Avocados are a good source of vitamin B6 and folate.


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