Natural Room Spray

Why Choose All Natural sprays?

Is natural airfresheners just a fashion?

Natural room sprays are a nice way to compliment your home naturally. It is a very explored topic but there are some parts that make a room spray extra special.   It is not nessacarily fashion, it is more those that are sensitive to synthetic sprays and have reactions and also those that choose no harsh chemicals in their products.  A person that is making a conscious decision not to use synthetics and add to air pollution.

How it must be stored !

You must have a bottle that will store your product correctly with sunlight being an enemy of room spray a dark place out of the sun is the ultimate space to store, however real life as it happens bottles are in sun often with our great kiwi life.

What makes the spray so natural?

For a great room spray, natural water with no additives is essential. Spring water does not have chlorine or fluoride in it so it will give you the confidence you have no added nasties.
We have found an Ethical New Zealand supplier that does organic hydrosols and another that does Natural room oils, we have found the least offensive way to mix this so oil and spring water mix. We will not tell all our suppliers secrets we will say we have confidence we provide a great quality room spray.

Suppliers New Zealand 

WE choose dealing with New Zealanders, it keeps shipping costs lower, we choose to keep costs down by using New Zealand suppliers and choosing natural that is made here or sourced from here.  WE prefer organic but our mimimum is pure and natural.

We do change our Scents

I have added Arabian Nights recently it is new, it is an exciting addition to our natural spray ranges.  It truly is one people will choose just for a cool name.  We are fun like that.

Important tip: Must be natural spring water or distilled water.


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