About Lisa

Welcome to my website Eco Lou. Eco Lou is my passion project. It started as gifts for my family, and I moved into making candles from there. Each month passing, I developed my love for making many more products to what we have available now. Since March 2020, with some expert help along the way, I have been delighted to present my products, handmade by me.  

About Lisa

Eco Lou came about because it was a nickname my Dad used to call me when I was little. I like that it feels like a little of me, with eco representing my love for all things natural and caring for the environment. 

Making products has started as a hobby, and now it means so much more. I choose all my products to be natural healthy ph levels, so you don’t have to think about every decision in your life. I make the products, so they don’t add to our overpopulated landfills or their impact on the environment because I have already made that choice for you. I choose no waste, no more additional mess and now you can feel good about what you buy from Eco Lou.

Join me on my  journey to reducing our waste.  I wanted biodegradible products, my eco film is able to break down and so is the tissue paper I use along with paper, it is so your products get to you without breakages but they look appealing and well wrapped.

 I love making something special for someone special.  I enjoy my personalised services, I do wholesale and retail in this field.  I have thoroughly researched the sustainability of Eco Lou's products, I make sure they will not stain clothing or bathrooms along with safe glass packaging when used for candles.   I choose amber as amber protects the natural ingredients and make sure they last longer for you. If you do not see something you would like, just ask me or find me on facebook or instagram I am there regularly.

Thank you for visiting. If I can help, please let me know.

Kind Regards
Lisa Lomas


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